Vocabulary of foreign media discourse in the contemporary pdf

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Vocabulary of foreign media discourse in the contemporary pdf


Vocabulary of foreign media discourse in the contemporary pdf

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There is no doubt that language is a social phenomenon affected permanently and continuously with the changes and shifts in society, whether political, social, economic or even religious, in turn, affect the verbal discourse, which is the propaganda Arts Press Jaza of it, including the social phenomenon language where reflect the nature those for the most important internal features are usually integrated substance and one separated from society also stressed that the linguistic and educational psychological Swiss Ferdinand de Susser truth in his book (General Linguistics), saying that the language interact and evolve extrusive with the communities and the forces of productivity growth, which kills for the emergence of vocabulary words and expressions New from other languages and cultures and this dynamic mutual influence. The rule of globalization in different countries of the world left a clear impact on the media discourse in various forms, including the use of vocabulary and special terminology of American ,тEnglish and adaptability in proportion to the recipient grammar what leads to enrich the language you vocabulary and terminology and new concepts in life in general and in the speech of foreign Media in particular.Key words ꞉ foreign words, media discourse, language and society

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